Monday, October 10, 2011

Double Your Fun

Today Jack's wound vac (sorry to have called it a "rack" earlier - getting information via voicemail can be tricky) was split into two.  He now has not only the original in the large wound near his armpit, but now he also has one in the puncture wound on his chest. 

As a refresher: The wound vac is a sponge-like piece of foam inserted into the wound and attached to a tube.  The tube is connected to a machine which pumps out any and all drainage from the wound.  The sponge-like foam contains organisms or chemicals (not sure which...) that encourage regeneration of tissue and fight bacteria, cleaning out the wound and giving the doctors extra tissue with which to work when doing skin grafts.  Jack's two wounds are now connected to one tube that drains both into the same machine. 

He is very much enjoying being home, as you can guess.  On Saturday he thoroughly enjoyed a large omelet, specially prepared just for him by Rolie (Whitney's husband).

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