Monday, October 3, 2011

The Weekend

Sorry for the delay in updates since Friday; I wasn't around a computer very much over the weekend, as we went to visit Jack in Portland again.

While his creatinin (apologies for any misspellings, I am NOT a doctor) levels started at 9 (people with absolute kidney failure often have levels this high), they have dropped significantly over the last couple of days, ending up at 3.87 on Saturday.  Once they get to 1.3 he will be allowed to go home.  If things continue as they have been that could be as early as Tuesday.

On Sunday morning Jack was released from his renal diet to a regular, "eat almost anything you want" diet, which was a joy for everyone because now he could eat some of his favourites from the menu.  He is now trying to decide between everything that sounds delicious on the hospital vegetarian menu.  His favourite item: Raspberry or mango sorbet.

Ever since he was moved from ICU he has been much more alert and awake; the IV pain medications were keeping him knocked out most of the time.  Now that he is on simple oral pain meds ("simple" meaning as little as Tylenol), he only naps once or twice during the day and the rest of the time he spends chatting with family, watching football and baseball, and reading.

The room he is in now is a private room on a floor that was recently remodeled, so everything is bright, cheerful, and modern.  He has his own bathroom with a large shower including a fold-down seat, and can see a little bit of Portland from his room window.  There are several outdoor areas where you can go walking and sit and watch the tram (which goes from OHSU to the South Waterfront), and on a clear day even see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams.  Jack has been taking "walks" in his wheelchair to get some fresh air, and it seems to be doing him good.

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