Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, 9/23 - Sunday, 9/25

Jack's blood pressure went up because of the saline being pumped into his system, which made his heart pump harder to keep things moving.  The doctors expected this, and monitored things carefully, administering beta blockers on Saturday to bring his blood pressure down to safer numbers.

Nausea keeps Jack's appetite quite suppressed, making it difficult for him to eat the food he needs.  After a few bites here and there of various items we had hoped would keep the nausea at bay, he finally got his appetite back briefly on Saturday evening and polished off an entire fruit plate, which cheered everyone considerably.

On Saturday x-rays showed fluid in Jack's lungs, which caused concern for possible contraction of pneumonia.  To prevent this, the nurses keep his bed at approximately a 45-degree angle, which seems to be working well, though he has had to get used to sleeping sitting up.

Though he is very tired and spends most of his time sleeping, Jack responds well to questions and has been listening to baseball games (he's not wearing his glasses, so watching the games on TV doesn't work) and was awake enough to talk to, wave at, and blow kisses to his granddaughter, Kayla (Jason & Becky's 2-year-old). 

Because his body is focusing so hard on fixing the injuries, Jack's kidneys started faltering temporarily.  As a result, the doctors expected to have to put him through dialysis Sunday morning. A surprise to everyone Sunday morning was that everything seemed to be functioning and dialysis was put on hold indefinitely.

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