Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Morning

All good news today!  Jack ate a good supper last night and a great breakfast this morning and he is able to get up and use the restroom on his own now. 

His kidneys are stabilizing, and while they are not completely functioning normally, they are vastly improved, meaning dialysis is on the back burner, rather than the forefront of everyone's minds as it had been for the past week.  The doctors are still waiting for the kidneys to kick in completely and do their job at 100% before they decide what to do about surgery to repair Jack's wounds.

They have inserted what is called a "wound rack" in the larger wound near Jack's armpit; essentially it sucks up any drainage from the wound and stimulates growth and healing in that area.

He is no longer on very many pain medications, as he feels he can handle the pain he's feeling, though the doctors are still encouraging him to take some medications as his blood pressure goes up when he is not on them.

Due to being off the IVs and not on very many medications, Jack is awake a lot more and is able to get up and walk around a bit from time to time.  His number one hope for today is a shower, the first he's been able to have since the accident a week ago.  I'm told he is very excited about this - and so is Carol Ann...I'm sure the nurses are, too, since the nurses and Carol Ann are the ones having to smell him. (Just kidding, Jack!) :)

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