Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Morning Update

Late yesterday afternoon Jack was moved out of ICU and into a very nice private room.  He has been disconnected from the machines and IVs and is only taking oral pain medications, which means he can spend a lot more time awake. 

As of last night he was still quite bloated from retaining water, but now that he's moving around more on his own they expect things to improve in that area, as well as in his blood circulation and the mobility of his muscles.

Jack was able to eat a fairly decent supper last night, which is very positive, and the doctors postponed dialysis yet again to give him some time overnight to improve.  However, they cannot do surgery until his kidneys stabilize, so we hope to learn this morning more of a plan for when they intend to do surgery.

Though he is out of ICU, a phone call before visiting is still appreciated.

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  1. Can you update the VISITING column to the right now that Dad's not in ICU?

    So glad you're doing this! Thanks!