Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday Evening

 Jack was more tired today, but he was very awake yesterday so he is most likely recuperating from being more active yesterday.  He was able to take two good naps and got some good rest, which is good for his body. 

Also exciting was his first shower of his hospital stay.  They had hoped to allow him to shower earlier this week but for various reasons it didn't happen; Carol Ann says they were finally able to clean out his ears, which still had hay in them from the field!  Jack is a much happier man now with clean hair and clean ears.  Though they had to be very careful not to get his major wound wet, it was still nice to be able to shower.

He was also able to stand over the sink and brush his teeth today, so things are looking up.

Jack's cousin Fairy came for a visit today and sat and chatted for a couple of hours, which was good for everyone; those who know Jack well know he loves family and enjoys chatting, so to see a family member he doesn't often see and be able to relax and have a visit was quite the treat.

The doctors are still keeping their eyes on his kidneys; they don't seem to be catching up as quickly as the doctors thought they would, so the expectation of dialysis is still 50/50.  Since they can't do anything else until Jack's counts (UC?) go down, they will continue to monitor his kidneys and wait for them to function better before scheduling surgery.

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